Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The first gig we did as What Katy Did Next was upstairs at the Welly Club, Hull in late 1979 or early 1980.
I don't remember much about it apart from not being happy with it. We had nothing worked out and just got on stage and made a row I seem to recall.

The line-up was...

Paul Moller - Guitar, Tapes, Vocals.
Mark Fell - Bass.
Steve McDermott - Drums.

I was in a band called Blue Kitchen with Steve, Howard, Adrian/Red and Roland Gift in 1978/79, so called cos we playing in a kitchen which was blue. We had a song called 1-2-3 Fat Man In The Stew. Steve sang with the Luddites for a while and did a few things with WKDN. I remember wanting him to do some recording with us in 1987 and just before the sessions I went to the shop for some bits, he didn't know what he wanted so I brought him back a mars bar. He went home and never returned, I never knew if it was me or the mars bar.

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