Saturday, 30 June 2012

Your Terrible Choice

This was a benefit concert we did in support of a community based set-up called Giroscope. Recorded on 25.10.90 it always stuck in my memory as a good one. There was a large audience and they all stayed and we got an encore - very rare indeed. Your Terrible Choice is another great example of a concert opening improvisation. This was the ultimate for this version of What Katy Did Next - a definitive live performance for a large appreciative crowd - the peak. It was to be a rapid descent of course but that was all par for the course by now.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocal
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Trevor Simpson - bass
Grant Ardis - drums

01 Your Terrible Choice
02 Watermelon Man
03 The New Mares' Lemon
04 The Little death
05 Identify Me
06 Foxy Lady
07 The Death Of M. F.


This was recorded live at the Adelphi Club in Hull on 21.10.90. This line up got so tightly organic that we often used to start our live performances with an improvisation - Whoremongerers is a particularly fine example. Indeed the whole performance is a great example of where we were at at the time, which was at the peak of this line-up. There were quite a few people in the audience for the beginning which was unusual but we soon weeded out all but the brave or idiotic. This tape was a nice surprise. It's the last mob again on this but I switch to play bass and Trev plays slide guitar on the Eel-like-trickery at the end.

01 Whoremongerers
02 Ant Nouns
03 Identify Me
04 Foxy Lady
05 Eeliketrickery

The Mountain Wind

Although we managed to achieve a generally good average sound recording acoustically or semi-acoustically in the back room at Trevs' house, live or electric recordings were a different matter - much more hit and miss. Most have improved during remastering but are still rough and ready in the most part. This is a rare electic rehearsal, we couldn't afford them very often, the sound quality isn't too bad and I love the stuff this version of What Katy Did Next did. It was recorded on 6.10.90.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocal
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Trevor Simpson - bass
Grant Ardis - drums

01 Calm
02 Identify Me
03 The Mountain Wind
04 Watermelon Man
05 The Death Of M.F.
06 Foxy Lady
07 Midnight Brambler

Friday, 29 June 2012

Monkey Cow Flying

This was recorded on the Second of October 1990 with the same crew. I don't remember the session and can't remember the instrument that I am playing on Monkey Cow Flying, beyond the fact that it was some type of keyboard thing I am blank.

01 Grainy Wood
02 Suck His Eyeballs
03 Angry Ale
04 Same Frustrations
05 Bitter Tap
06 Monkey Cow Flying

Burning Heavens Idiot

The sound quality of these old tapes varied so much that it was great to be able to find ones that could be enhanced by the remastering process I used. Some of these sound really good if you compare them to the originals. This was recorded on 25.9.90. Trev had a large black cat called Merlin, he had a habit of clawing us while we rehearsed, or at least trying to. Part of the way through Sweet Home Chicago Mr. Rudeforth can be heard very clearly telling Merlin to "SOD OFF" and at the end Trev tells Merlin that he is going out. As for the line-up, it's the usual suspects on this.

01 Sweet Home Chicago
02 The Little Death
03 Harry The Brambler
04 Watermelon Man
05 Burning Heavens Idiot
06 Ner Ner Ner
07 Kiss Her Wood

Demos September 1990

I can't remember how Do It Again first originated but I remember most of the words coming from a notebook and a phrase or two from Ian Cravan. I really liked it and wanted to try and do it justice so one of the main focus points of the whole demo excercise for me was that. We recorded a few sessions on a 4-track cassette machine and picked some takes to overdub on the two free tracks. The remastering process really improved this stuff.

Paul Moller - guitars, vocals
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Trevor Simpson - bass, slide guitar
Grant Ardis - drums, percussion

01 The Mares' Lemon
02 Do It Again
03 Driving Me Crazy
04 The Little Death

Three Different Speeds

We wanted to record some demos so the mats came up in Trevs' back room and we set up on the wooden floor and recorded some stuff as best we could. We recorded three sessions - 11th, 14th and 16th September 1990, takes of four songs were then overdubbed a little later on. This is one of my favorite periods of the WKDN history, we seemed to be acheiving a great organic sound which was very pleasing to my ear. I have included the undubbed version of Do It Again which is the second of two versions presented hear for your ear.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocals
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Trevor Simpson - bass, slide guitar
Grant Ardis - drums, percussion

01 Foxy Lady
02 Melon Care
03 The Death Of M.F.
04 Sweet Home Chicago
05 Three Different Speeds
06 The Little Death
07 Do It Again
08 The New Mares' Lemon
09 Driving Me Crazy
10 Do It Again