Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Mountain Wind

Although we managed to achieve a generally good average sound recording acoustically or semi-acoustically in the back room at Trevs' house, live or electric recordings were a different matter - much more hit and miss. Most have improved during remastering but are still rough and ready in the most part. This is a rare electic rehearsal, we couldn't afford them very often, the sound quality isn't too bad and I love the stuff this version of What Katy Did Next did. It was recorded on 6.10.90.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocal
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Trevor Simpson - bass
Grant Ardis - drums

01 Calm
02 Identify Me
03 The Mountain Wind
04 Watermelon Man
05 The Death Of M.F.
06 Foxy Lady
07 Midnight Brambler

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