Monday, 9 July 2012

Stoned Chicken

I saw Sly Stone on tv from Woodstock and at one point I was convinced he was singing 'nice chicken'. It was a very rough voyage indeed captain. This is the last of the 1995 compilations and the last of What Katy Did Next for a very long time. We rehearsed for six months before playing live, we did a couple of gigs and then Mark said he didn't want to do it any more. I could have throttled him. I gave up again for a long time.

Paul Moller -  guitar, vocal
Trevor Simpson - bass
Mark Heathcote - drums

01 Liquidated Water
02 Stoned Blues
03 Nice Chicken
04 Rough Voyage Captain
05 Nice Chicken
06 Nice Chicken
07 Stoned Chicken
08 Hey, Big Baby
09 Big Chicken
10 Special Fried Octopus

Eye Machine

This is another compilation of recordings from 1995. There is some stuff on which we had a radio going for a while as we played. We only played Eye Machine a couple of times so its very raw but it's the only recording of it I have.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocal, synth
Trevor Simpson - bass
Mark Heathcote - drums

01 Be Dudley
02 That's My Dog
03 That's My Slug
04 Bob The Bat
05 Accused Of Being
06 A Beat Slow
07 Willie The Pimp
08 Mirage
09 Cabbage
10 Um Pa Pa
11 Eye Machine

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Flickering Gob Tweezer

We recruited drummer Mark Heathcote and after deciding that he no longer wanted to perform Mr. Rudeforth attended sessions but didn't participate apart from recording them and filming some. We decided to do it properly and spent over six months rehearsing before doing anything with it. These are compiled from recordings made during 1995.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocal
Trevor Simpson - bass
Mark Heathcote - drums

01 Billy The Wimp
02 F.B.I.
03 Hornets' Vest
04 Trampling Doolally
05 Flickering Gob Tweezer

Friday, 6 July 2012

Light And Form

And then it all came to an end - again. Some of our friends had a place called The Engine Room, this was recorded there on 25.06.93. We were just starting to get into the idea of what we had when Gary pulled the plug by preventing us from using the studio effects. I just gave up for a while.

Paul Moller - guitar, synthesizer, effects
Mrs. Rudeforth - tapes
Trevop Simpson - bass

01 Light And Form

I Noticed One Dancer

We did a couple or few gigs playing over tapes of drums and percussion that I put together in the studio. I used the guitar and synthesizer through some of the studio effects and Mr. Rudeforth had recorded some tapes through them also. This was recorded on 23.05.93 but I'm not sure where.

Paul Moller - guitar, synthesizer, effects
Mr. Rudefroth - tapes
Trevor Simpson - bass

01 I Noticed One Dancer

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Whatever Is Necessary To Protect Ourselves

This was recorded on 7.03.93. I am not sure where. We were playing live over a tape with the drums and percussion. Gary Burroughs had gone for the last time.

Paul Moller - guitar, synth, effects
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Trevor Simpson - bass

01 Whatever Is Necessary To Protect Ourselves

Och Aye, Tingling Mad Milk Ice Cream, Man

Gary borrowed some money from his Mum and took over a 16-track recording studio, so I learned how to be a sound engineer the usual way, tape-op and teaboy first. Ice Cream Man was done in early 1992, I did the bass, the samples and the mixing, Gary did the other bits. I did 3 mixes, we released number two and three on cassette, here are mixes one and three. I did Och Aye La Fenetre alone - mid 1992. Mr. R. had heard a Scottish Cajun band on the radio, he mentioned it because they were on Temple Records. I wondered what song titles such a group might have. I never got round to recording La Plume, Jimmy! I had completely forgotten about Tingling until I played the DAT but its definitely me. Must have been late 1992, possibly Trevor playing bass. Milkman and Madman were done without Gary in early 1993. We released them on cassette too. Unfortunately the Dat with the master takes on was brittle so I had to take them from cassette.

01 Ice Cream Man
02 Ice Cream Man Dub
03 Och Aye La Fenetre
04 Och Aye La Fenetre Dub
05 Tingling
06 Milkman
07 Madman

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Live At The Institute Of Meat

I am still sworn to secrecy about The Institute Of Meat. even after all these years I dare not reveal anything but the most scant details. I used to wear suits made from raw liver and bacon (great for a fry-up when you get in from a night out) and one day I became 'recruited' by a representative of The Institute Of Meat. We performed there on 31.08.92. I've never seen so much offal.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocal, effects
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Trevor Simpson - bass
Gary Burroughs - programmed drums, casio midi sax

01 Ice Cream Pig
02 Mad Ice Cream
03 Melting Dollop

Washed And Rinsed

Rainy Grave was recorded in June 1991, it is a semi-acoustic semi-improvisation with Gary playing some kind of hand-drum which gives it a certain flavour. It weaves around and through Rainy Season and Graveyard Blues. Not Half was also recorded in June 1991, live at The Sugar Shack. I remember looking at Gary behind his keyboard, operating the drum machine giving it all these moves, shouting stuff like "Here we gooooooo" and thinking 'What a twat'. The woman making all the noise (I think at one point she says "fuck me, Gary") was taped by Gary so we used it. Washed And Rinsed is from July 1991 from the last ever acoustic session.

01 Rainy Grave
02 Not Half
03 Washed And Rinsed

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

In Vain The Elk

Recorded on 26.5.91. It was a disappointment to me that we didn't do any more stuff like this. Gary was around for a good while longer but he never got behind a drum-kit with us again. I must have had intentions as I remember trying to develop Rainy Season and Drunken Angels is a demo of a song I had completely forgotton. We also must have been more sparing on the refreshments as Gary is focused on playing not blabbering.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocal
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Trevor Simpson - bass
Gary Burroughs - drums

01 Come On
02 Graveyard Blues
03 Dream Station
04 Rainy Season
05 French Waitress
06 Chronic Ice
07 In Vain The Elk
08 Drunken Angels

Poor Old Dangling Don

Grant left us and by mid-May we had Gary Burroughs back on the drum kit. It sounds like he had never been away, Gary could be a superb drummer. He also used to get drunk and stoned easier than the rest of us and he sounds well in the zone on Yabba Dabba. This was recorded on 12.5.91.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocal, drums, unknown keyboard thing
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Trevor Simpson - bass
Gary Burroughs - drums, mouthings, utterances

01 Poor Old Dangling Don
02 Identity
03 The little Death
04 Mean To Me
05 Yabba Dabba, Dabba Dabba Doo

Sunday, 1 July 2012

We See Tibet

The strap loosened and I dropped the guitar at the start but I assured the audience not to worry as I had done far worse things than that. Another live performance at the Adelphi, this time from 12.2.91. This was the last time Grant Ardis played with us.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocal
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Trevor Simpson - bass
Grant Ardis - drums

01 We See Tibet
02 On Our Ears
03 Watermelon Man
04 Stout As A Horse
05 The Death Of M.F.

Toothsome Dusk

We had a friend called Alison Owen who was a great singer, she was interested in joining but there was nothing happening with us commercially so we could not offer her anything concrete and nothing came of it. She came along to this session and can be heard singing off-mic on Do It Again. This was recorded on 8.2.91.

01 Wet Pleb
02 Toothsome Dusk
03 Sick Piggy
04 Do It Again
05 Flat Rouge
06 Rapid Drudge Quest
07 Watermelon man
08 This Ambulance
09 Shaking It Up
10 Welp Bet


I can't remember how Drunkadelic came about but we only did it a couple of times. This is another live recording at the Adelphi Club in Hull, from 16.11.90. I edited this quite a bit which was something I didn't have to do very much with this line-up but the downward slide had started and I could not stop it. There are no more acoustic sessions and this is the last evidence of any activity for a few months. Scooter!.

01 Drunkadelic
02 Where Were You Born?
03 A Bit Foxy
04 Watermelon Man
05 The Death of M.F.
06 Loss Of Identity