Thursday, 5 July 2012

Och Aye, Tingling Mad Milk Ice Cream, Man

Gary borrowed some money from his Mum and took over a 16-track recording studio, so I learned how to be a sound engineer the usual way, tape-op and teaboy first. Ice Cream Man was done in early 1992, I did the bass, the samples and the mixing, Gary did the other bits. I did 3 mixes, we released number two and three on cassette, here are mixes one and three. I did Och Aye La Fenetre alone - mid 1992. Mr. R. had heard a Scottish Cajun band on the radio, he mentioned it because they were on Temple Records. I wondered what song titles such a group might have. I never got round to recording La Plume, Jimmy! I had completely forgotten about Tingling until I played the DAT but its definitely me. Must have been late 1992, possibly Trevor playing bass. Milkman and Madman were done without Gary in early 1993. We released them on cassette too. Unfortunately the Dat with the master takes on was brittle so I had to take them from cassette.

01 Ice Cream Man
02 Ice Cream Man Dub
03 Och Aye La Fenetre
04 Och Aye La Fenetre Dub
05 Tingling
06 Milkman
07 Madman

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