Thursday, 14 October 2010

Dublin 10.12.89

The sound quality on this is not as good as the Manchester gig but it gives an idea of where we were going with some of the songs. It was recorded on The Beautiful South tour in Dublin on 10.12.89. We stayed in Blooms hotel which was a rock n' roll place. The Pogues were there and I was on crutches with a fractured heel. I was stood waiting for the lift and as the lift doors opened I found myself looking into the eyes of Shane MacGowan.

  1. Mystery Train
  2. Here Comes That Girl Again
  3. The Death Of M.F.
  4. Laundrette Love
  5. Hard Heart To Break
  6. King Alcohol
  7. You Win Again

Manchester 12.11.89

This was the best gig we did on the second tour supporting The Beautiful South, recorded in Manchester on 12.11.89. The original date had to be put back slightly because of illness in T.B.S. camp. Nicks' antics on stage, his demeanour and behaviour in general earned him the 'barking mad' accolade.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocals
Trevor Simpson - slide guitar
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Nick Hogg - bass, vocal
Grant Ardis - drums, vocal

  1. Mystery Train
  2. Here Comes That Girl Again
  3. Mort De M.F.
  4. Laundrette Love
  5. Hard Heart To break
  6. King Alcohol
  7. You Win Again

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Demos And 1 Live 1989

These demos were recorded sometime around late August/early September 1989, the exact date is unknown. The live version of Mort De M.F. was recorded in Cardiff on 10.11.89 on the Beautiful South tour. Some guy in the audience had seen us before and I was talking to him and he was shouting stuff. At one point he shouted 'Thorax'. I put it on here because its a great version from an ok gig.

  1. Mort De M.F.
  2. Mystery Train
  3. This Ambulance
  4. Hard Heart To Break
  5. Laundrette Love
  6. Here Comes That Girl
  7. The Little Death
  8. King Alcohol

Evidence Of The Spirit

Back at Tim Daltons' studio, rehearsing for the upcoming Beautiful South tour and jamming on 10.9.89. A fun time was had by all.

  1. Mystery Train
  2. Lick Me
  3. Dead Baby Blues
  4. Hard Heart To Break
  5. Ezra Broke It
  6. Driving Me Crazy
  7. Long Time Gone
  8. Laundrette Love
  9. The Death Of M.F.
  10. He Doesn't Want Anything
  11. Evidence Of The Spirit
  12. Balls Deep
  13. Turn On Your Lovelight
  14. Deep Zoo
  15. Make Up my Dying Bed
  16. Cabbages With A Donkey

Gertrudes Retreat

This was recorded most probably in Trevors back room given that Grant is on brushes, on 19.8.89.  Again really great improvising, Nick and Grant were brilliant musicians so it took off almost immediately. Some of it sounds like we had been playing together for six months not a few weeks. The sound on the original tape was a bit strange but remastering has beefed and brightened.

  1. The Smokers' Intro
  2. Make Up My Dying Bed
  3. Gertrudes Retreat
  4. The Little Death

Mrs Snells Fishcakes

This rehearsal was recorded on 15.8.89.  We started rehearsing as a 5 piece band and went electric again. I was really suprised when I heard this again all these years later by how many improvisations we had done in between learning the songs. It was recorded at a rehearsal studio in Hull, the guy who had it was called Tim Dalton.

Pauk Moller - guitar, vocal
Trevor Simpson - slide guitar, harp
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Nicky Hogg - bass
Grant Ardis - drums

  1. Mystery Train
  2. Agathas' Dentist
  3. The Death Of M.F.
  4. Turn On Your Lovelight
  5. You Win
  6. King Alcohol
  7. Uncle Arthurs' Drainpipe
  8. Sweet Home Chicago
  9. Burning The Sky
  10. The Little Death
  11. Mrs Snells' Fishcakes
  12. Eggs For Tea In Theory