Friday, 19 November 2010

Bring A Halibut

And of course it didn't last. Nick had another band and it was the same old story of not being able to get enough committment out of people to really take WKDN somewhere. He decided that he wanted to concentrate on his other thing and left. This rehearsal is very strange, the quality is not so good but the fact that the music is all improvised and unlike most of the other stuff this line-up did has led me to include it. It was recorded on 17.2.90 and was Nick Hoggs' last stand.

  1. Kev Coughed
  2. In 1959 Binoculars
  3. Find Death
  4. Bring A Halibut

Liver Lover

Recorded on 20.1.90. We were improvising and coming up with new stuff and messing around with old stuff and things were starting to come together with the music in a way I have mentioned before on here. It couldn't last.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocal
Trevor Simpson - guitar
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Nick Hogg - bass, vocal
Grant Ardis - drums
  1. Liver Lover
  2. This Power
  3. I Am A Convicted Conscience
  4. Long Time Gone
  5. Somebody Walking On My Mind
  6. Do It Some More Again Now
  7. This Is Operational
  8. The Death Of MF

I'm Captain Mainwaring

So the touring with The Beautiful South finished and we got a few gigs off the back of it but they soon started to dry up. We carried on rehearsing and playing the odd gig. This was recorded on 13.1.90.

  1. The Ten Commandments
  2. Woo Yeh
  3. Fadges
  4. Mystery Train
  5. Ken Chukee Chicken
  6. Chicken Hendrix
  7. What You Doing Kev
  8. The Death Of MF
  9. Launderette Love
  10. Hard Heart To Break
  11. Three Pints
  12. I'm Captain Mainwaring
  13. Five Pints
  14. The Little Death
  15. You Win Again
  16. Blood All Over My Trousers
  17. Kick That Machine To Bits