Thursday, 13 August 2009

In The Garden Again

In the garden again, on 19.6.88, probably on a Sunday afternoon after a couple of pints in the pub. Much better sound on this one. Although Mr. R. sometimes transformed Trevs back room into an aviary with sound effects of birds, on this they are real, live. I forgot to get all the names to credit them though.
  1. Long Time Gone
  2. Launderette Love
  3. Feel Like Going Home
  4. Sweet Home Chicago
  5. Would You Like A Tissue
  6. King Alcohol
  7. Mares Lemon
  8. Speak Up
  9. Hard Heart To Break

Go On Trev

This was recorded on 14.6.88 and the whole thing is coming together nicely. The sound is good and after 6 months we are getting tighter and pulling together. Paul Moller - guitar, vocal, Trev Simpson - guitar, Mr. R. - radio, tapes, Gary Burroughs - snare drum with brushes.
  1. Hard Heart To Break
  2. Sweet Home Chicago
  3. Driving Me Crazy
  4. Feel Like Going Home
  5. Voodoo Chile

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Not Doing It For Nowt

Not chickens itching, just us scratching. Out of the garden and back in Trevors back room. On 24/31.5.88. As the hip hop track was playing in the background I was 'scratching' using the zip on my trouser fly close to the mic. The second occasion is due to me snapping a string on my guitar, we are 'scratching' on our guitar strings. Not a chicken in sight. This was the first time we played Hard Heart To Break. You can hear us talking about it at the end, I mention that I wrote it "on Friday".
  1. The Loose Lemon.
  2. Scratching The Zip.
  3. Ramblin Man.
  4. Frisco Lines.
  5. What? A Gunn?
  6. Poor Boys Scratching The Strings.
  7. Hard Heart To Break.

In The Garden

This was recorded in the Garden at the back of the flat where Gary was living, it was a nice big garden and we rehearsed in there a couple of times on a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately because of the setting the sound is a bit poorer than usual due to the wind blowing on the recording mics and sundry other minor issues too numerous to mention. The tape goes funny as well at one point. It is quite atmospheric and also features the first time we played Launderette Love, I remember writing the music after being inspired after listening to Little Feats - Sailin' Shoes album, not sure where the words came from.
  1. Feel Like Going Home.
  2. Launderette Love.
  3. Mama Sang.
  4. The Mares Lemon.