Thursday, 23 May 2013

Rainy Season

Recorded in late 2012. Most of it was done one very stoned Saturday getting towards the end of my tether of a very toxic job. I remember laying on the sofa smoking my pipe thinking 'I wish every day could be like this', one of those moments stepping out of time. Pondering what the next bit of the piece would/should be. Whilst remastering the old stuff Rainy Season stuck in my head as something that could be developed into something else. So it became. The drum loop is a very famous drummer. The guitar came next followed by the bass. Done as most of this stuff - fast, in one take with any mistakes left in for the sake of non X Factory. Before I did the vocals it didn't appear to be working but I Percy veered. Lots of suffering for my soul in lots of ways and still am. This is the last of the backlog cleared. Once I have waded through the shite and bollocks of this fascist system I will find the clear place to do more. I have lots of ideas as usual but weed is needed once I have managed to conquer the current fiscal challenge...

01 - Rainy Season

Stop The Rot

This was recorded in 2011. It came forth out of the percussion experiments and wrote itself. I am aware of the fact that I am not a singer but wanted to use my voice so we have it here. The rot set in a long time ago and now it is time to start stopping it. Enough is enough. Time to awaken, find and follow the light. There has been enough darkness. You will never see an ugly person.

01 - Stop The Rot

Are You Tracking Me?

Recorded in Mid 2012. A different view of Twenty Three, dubbed up. Using the old Ice Cream Man percussion track. The bass was chopped up using a John Cage I-Ching inspired chance process. Are they tracking me? They would be if I spoke of what I know.

01 - Are You Tracking Me?

You Said You Saw

The ear is in the eye of the bum hole der. Seen there is no scene or unseen. Is the sore saw sorry? Worry turret tut tut. Recorded in 2011. Born out of experiments with programmed percussion treated with effects and enabled by the aquisition of beautiful bass guitar. I can't remember now who the wailing lady was but I always do multiple mixes of tunes before the multitracks are necessarily wiped and the ones without her on are just not the same. I like this one a lot, there is something about the guitar solo that I am particularly proud of.

01 - You Said You Saw.

Sunday, 12 May 2013


Out of interest I took the two improvisations for prepared guitar that I had done and mixed them together. I had done some improvisations on the Moog Prodigy synthia size A which I didn't quite know what to do with. Some of the modulated bird sounds I had created reminded me of synth sounds so I put some of the moogy non-boogie over the two imps for prepgit. I didn't know whether to share any of the experimental things I had done but in the end I thought it may be worthwhile and someone somewhere might be interested in hearing them. For those it doesn't appeal to - this is the last one (for now).

01 - Synthia

Saturday, 11 May 2013


These two experiments were recorded in 2011. I am interested in various types and forms of music even though some would not consider some of it as music. These two were both inspired by different artists whom I admire though I am not going to say who they are or were. I may just come up with the usual nonsensical crap or not. Probably not in this case. The last few and next couple of posts are by way of clearing out stuff that has built up as a means to go on onto the future as it were. The usual crap creeping in as it weren't. Oblique fashion.

01 - 4db
02 - Artificiant

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Modulated Birds v Prepared Guitar

Recorded in April 2012. I had done something similar to this before but felt like doing it again. The improvisations for prepared guitar are posted elsewhere. I doctored a load of bird sounds by modulating them through the modulating system and mixed the results up with the gitbox imps. Thin Norman batting on a sticky wicket attacked by hordes of exotic resonating ornithological affluvia.

01 - Prepgit Modbirds 1
02 - Prepgit Modbirds 2

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Smell The Fear

This was one of the first things that I did after managing to save up and get a lovely Fender Jazz Bass. Fear is something that I believe no-one should have to experience but certain elements wish to encourage it as much as possible as they feed on it. So feel the fear and do it anyway and then the fear will disappear. The synthesizer is a Moog Prodigy which had not been used for many many years and did not sound at all well for a while until I left it switched on for hours on end. That seemed to burn off the dust which was causing all the problems. This came out of experiments I was doing with with programming electronic percussion and then treating the results with effects. Recorded in 2011.

01 - Smell The Fear.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Whatness...What It Is

I can't quite remember exactly when this was recorded but it was in 2011 and named Quiddity. The drum loop is Penny Rimbaud and the words are Ezra Pound. It starts off as a strict 12 bar and then deviates. Shall I make more fictitious claims that The Baked Bean Band were involved, no I don't think so as they are a figment of ? . Words missing ? It was extremely difficult to get Ezra Pound to agree to do it as he died in 1972 but somehow we managed it between us, well...between me. In the end it was so effortless he didn't even know he was there. How long is my nose now.

01 - Quiddity

Two Improvisations For Prepared Guitar

Recorded in April 2012. Whether you wear a 'Prunes Syrup' (see Terry Pratchetts' book Going Postal for enlightenment regarding Groats' Dimwell Unrhythmic Slang) or not, this may or may not be for you. Right up your street as it were. Either way stop Merkin Aboot. Seeing as how there is virtually nil feedback for anything I do I may as well just please myself and this came about through ?. Fill in the missing word or words. Or just Kipper : Fill It. Oh Fish. You can hear me breathing rather heavily on some of this if you listen. Born through pain, but isn't everything. Snatch a wig or Wiggers' Snatch?

01 - Wigs' Ponds
02 - Pigs' Wands