Thursday, 23 May 2013

Rainy Season

Recorded in late 2012. Most of it was done one very stoned Saturday getting towards the end of my tether of a very toxic job. I remember laying on the sofa smoking my pipe thinking 'I wish every day could be like this', one of those moments stepping out of time. Pondering what the next bit of the piece would/should be. Whilst remastering the old stuff Rainy Season stuck in my head as something that could be developed into something else. So it became. The drum loop is a very famous drummer. The guitar came next followed by the bass. Done as most of this stuff - fast, in one take with any mistakes left in for the sake of non X Factory. Before I did the vocals it didn't appear to be working but I Percy veered. Lots of suffering for my soul in lots of ways and still am. This is the last of the backlog cleared. Once I have waded through the shite and bollocks of this fascist system I will find the clear place to do more. I have lots of ideas as usual but weed is needed once I have managed to conquer the current fiscal challenge...

01 - Rainy Season

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