Monday, 23 September 2013

Voodoo Dream Machine

Certain criteria from the previous post having been met - on June 23rd I started doing this drum and percussion loop. Over the course of a few days it was accumulated to. The bass and three guitars were all done in one take each. My stamina and technique were pushed to the extreme limits by having to play in one unbroken stretch  for so long that it almost broke me during each single take. The lead guitar was a bit easier to do though as it was not so rhythmic - more broken up.
A lot of these things write themselves if you let them - if you allow them to write their selves.If something is boring after two minutes, try it for twenty three and a half. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all. I believe very strongly in that sentiment and practice it a lot in my musical philosophy. It has and is the power of trance. The repetetive rhythms and sounds that induce an openness to the power of the other. A special energy that can be very very subtle and infuse power elusively. It can mesmerise you and put you out of a state of SainsburysTescosMcDonaldsRothschildRockerfellerMasonicRiddleyDiddleyDum. Not really really or really really? So the person apparently still responsible for perpetrating the outrageous activity known as What Katy Did Next is still one 'Paul Moller' - the well-known nutter. Steps are being taken, measured ones, not precicely a fraction of a millimeter by a fraction of a millimeter just yet exactly, not as such but they are being taken, well practicaly almost not really but never mind in the grand scheme of things in one hundred years what will all this matter? What will it why will it how will it who will it matter to? JOY!

 01 - Voodoo Dream Machine

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