Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Washed And Rinsed

Rainy Grave was recorded in June 1991, it is a semi-acoustic semi-improvisation with Gary playing some kind of hand-drum which gives it a certain flavour. It weaves around and through Rainy Season and Graveyard Blues. Not Half was also recorded in June 1991, live at The Sugar Shack. I remember looking at Gary behind his keyboard, operating the drum machine giving it all these moves, shouting stuff like "Here we gooooooo" and thinking 'What a twat'. The woman making all the noise (I think at one point she says "fuck me, Gary") was taped by Gary so we used it. Washed And Rinsed is from July 1991 from the last ever acoustic session.

01 Rainy Grave
02 Not Half
03 Washed And Rinsed

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