Saturday, 30 June 2012

Your Terrible Choice

This was a benefit concert we did in support of a community based set-up called Giroscope. Recorded on 25.10.90 it always stuck in my memory as a good one. There was a large audience and they all stayed and we got an encore - very rare indeed. Your Terrible Choice is another great example of a concert opening improvisation. This was the ultimate for this version of What Katy Did Next - a definitive live performance for a large appreciative crowd - the peak. It was to be a rapid descent of course but that was all par for the course by now.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocal
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Trevor Simpson - bass
Grant Ardis - drums

01 Your Terrible Choice
02 Watermelon Man
03 The New Mares' Lemon
04 The Little death
05 Identify Me
06 Foxy Lady
07 The Death Of M. F.

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