Friday, 29 June 2012

Burning Heavens Idiot

The sound quality of these old tapes varied so much that it was great to be able to find ones that could be enhanced by the remastering process I used. Some of these sound really good if you compare them to the originals. This was recorded on 25.9.90. Trev had a large black cat called Merlin, he had a habit of clawing us while we rehearsed, or at least trying to. Part of the way through Sweet Home Chicago Mr. Rudeforth can be heard very clearly telling Merlin to "SOD OFF" and at the end Trev tells Merlin that he is going out. As for the line-up, it's the usual suspects on this.

01 Sweet Home Chicago
02 The Little Death
03 Harry The Brambler
04 Watermelon Man
05 Burning Heavens Idiot
06 Ner Ner Ner
07 Kiss Her Wood

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