Friday, 26 December 2008

This place will provide information about What Katy Did Next and links to downloads of our music.

The first place to go is .

Many of you will run away and never come back ever, ever again, but for those of you that do...

Come into the body of the kirk.

The Sombody Pull The Chain compilation is by Mr. Rudeforth and is taken from tapes we made in 1985.
The members at that time were -

Ian Craven - Lead Vocals.
Paul Moller - Guitar, sax, voice.
Kevin Rudeforth - Radio, voice.
Terry Parkinson - Bass, drums.
Gary Burroughs - Drums.

Everything was totally improvised. We used to swap instruments a lot. Terry was a shit-hot drummer primarily but played the bass at these sessions. Ian used to bend over double to do his vocals cos the two recording mics were at waist height. I will never forget the sight of him bent over pouring his heart and soul out into one mic then moving across the stereo field and doing it into the other one. We couldn't hear a word of it until we listened to the cassette the next day and wow, what words and sounds came out of his mouth! I used to call him the 40 year old Johnny Rotten. He moved out of our lives and down south somewhere, working as an R.E. teacher and unfortunately died a few years. Gary is also dead. I am trying to find Terry, he's out there somewhere.
This compilation is mainly the more free-form stuff we did but rest assured there will be much much more to illuminate from this era. This line-up did only one gig after 23 rehearsals.

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