Monday, 26 January 2009


An aquaintance of ours (who shall be called Turdy Minghole) moved to London and became involved with Genesis P. Orridges' Temple records, or so he told us. I struck up a deal with him which was "You record something and I will put it out." In February I got everything together for a couple of days recording done by Gary Burroughs. WKDN at this time was Paul Moller - guitar, vocals, Mr. Rudeforth - radio, voice, Jonathan/Cess - home-made elecronic things, voice and Steve McDermott - voice. Steve left just before the first session however. I never wanted to sing and didn't think that I could sing but around this time I started to write songs again and the only way they were going to get played was if I sang 'em myself so I worked on singing whilst playing guitar as a matter of necessity. We did the recordings and mixed selected items for release only to be let down by Turdy, the turd. Everything wasn't ship-shape on his boat. Things were changing around this time and became about 50/50 structured/improvised. In September we hooked up with Mike - bass and (another) Ian -Drums and had a few rehearsals in Sept./Oct. but it was going nowhere except down the pan. Somebody pulled the chain, it was probably me. During the Riverside sessions I played a lovely Gibson Les Paul Gold-Top but had to sell it in early 1986 and was relying on borrowed instruments, my sax was stolen and the clarinet broke. Towards the end of 1987 I became increasingly interested in playing acoustically as it seemed easier than getting rehearsal rooms and recalcitrant musicians together so I got a cheap Yamaha acoustic guitar from a catalog (amazingly enough I've still got it and it is the guitar I used on the 2008 stuff until Swine), hooked-up with Trevor Simpson and off we jolly-well-went again.


  1. was it with cess when we did 'the nipple'?

  2. And if it was do recordings of these sessions still exist?

  3. The Nipple and other recordings do indeed still exist and are being prepared to be unleashed on the world on a compilation entitled Un Petit D'un Petite very soon indeed.