Thursday, 8 January 2009

I was really surprised to find this tape, I thought all the early ones were gone. This is the earliest recording of WKDN (mid-1982) and the only one that exists of the original duo. I had an old f-hole guitar that was my Dads and Mark gets some almost double-bass-like sounds out of it as well as playing it with the violin bow. I am playing everything else on this including doing percussion on the table and gas fire. We were heavily into jazz and the more extreme varieties of it used to give us great delight. This is a good example of us playing at my flat. We never did any gigs as a duo. I can't remember the name of the stringed instrument that I am playing in the latter part, I can't even remember what it looked like. The "red thing" was a plastic wind instrument called a clarina. I split the tape into three tracks, the names of which are...
1. Where's The Red Thing?
2. You've Sat Comfy, We've Begun.
3. The Big Perhaps.

The line-up is...

Mark Fell - Guitar, Guitar with violin bow, Voice.

Paul Moller - Violin, Clarina, Clarinet, Saxophone, Stringed-Thing, Table Percussion, Vocals.

You can find it here...


  1. christ paul, id forgot how good hull could have been

  2. Christ, my dear friend, never existed but we did didn't we. It took me right back hearing this, I could see Mark playing and the barely-suppressed laughter always threatening to break free at the insanity of it all, that there were two of us that actually seriously liked playing this stuff.