Tuesday, 13 January 2009

In the early '80's Robert Fripp reformed King Crimson after going solo for a few years. He said he was driving along one day and heard music in his head that could only be King Crimson and so it came to be that they returned. It wasn't like that at all for me but I just decided that like Bob Dylan, music is the thing for me and I want to do it until the day that I shuffle off me mortal coil. It's like Ken Dodd dying on stage (did he? no...Doddy!), he once played Glasgow and they shouted "away hame 'n bile yer heed".

So in early 2008 I bought a digital 12 track so-called 'studio-in-a-box' and started slowly but surely doing stuff again. I am also using it to clean up the old tapes and stick 'em onto those new-fangled cellulose disks. The first few tracks that I did with the banjo are just demo's really but this is the real thing, even better than the real thing (remix). I used to sing it in the folk club when I used to live in Whitby and it was always very popular so I thought ok I can do it and try dubbing it up 'n all, by the way. Dub reggae on the banjo seemed a WKDN type thing to do 'n that. If you listen from 1 thru to 5 you can watch with your ears as the song disappears into Double-Dob Dub.

  1. Armageddon Time 1.
  2. Armageddon Time 2.
  3. Armageddon Time 3.
  4. Armageddon Time 4.
  5. Armageddon Time 5.


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