Friday, 23 January 2009

A Sermon From The Rev. Dr. Moller...

The collective Universe, both manifest and unmanifest, is 'God'. That which 'God' creates within the Universe is ultimately in fulfilment of 'Gods' needs and wishes, which may or may not be knowable to man.
The Earth and its Kingdoms, collectively called Nature, are both manifestations of 'God' and 'God' made manifest, and fulfil a need of 'God'.
Accordingly, the Earth and its lifeforms are 'God' and are inseperable from the rest of the Universe which is 'God'.
Man is a facet of 'God' made manifest through Nature. As a creature of Nature, and as a manifestation of Nature, Man is thus inseperable from it.
Man was made from Nature, not Nature from Man. The presence of Man within Nature is thus an extension of the needs of Nature.
Because 'God' is all that exists, Truth is an attribute of 'Gods' being. That Truth is expressed as Earth and its Nature. Thus Nature is Truth unto itself, with or without the presence of Man.
Because Man is an extension of Nature, Man cannot experience his own truth outside of Nature.
It is Mans' self-imposed separation from the Truth, both of Nature and of himself, that permits Mans' inhumanities, both to himself and to Nature.

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