Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Grant Ardis left in March and Gary Burroughs re-joined in May. Gary borrowed some money off his Mum and bought a 16 track recording studio which we ran commercially and also used for our own stuff which became more electronic to take advantage of the equipment at our disposal. We put out some more tapes which generated some interest and did a few gigs. We videoed one at the Adelphi where the room was very dark, we wore white suits and projected a film over us, it was very effective and atmospheric. We released a few copies as Clam-Film 1. Keith Le Blanc (Sugarhill Gang/Maffia/Tackhead) had a lable which was interested in us but they went bankrupt before anything happened. During the second part of 1992 it became obvious that things were not working out with Gary due to the usual problem. He was only involved in anything for what he could get out of it and could never see further than the end of his dick. We got rid of him for good towards the end of the year.

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