Monday, 9 November 2009


I am having a big problem trying to upload some new stuff onto Internet Archive, I'm not sure what the problem is but since they changed the format for uploading I have found it difficult to put stuff up and it's not having any of it just now. So I will bring the story up-to-date. In 2008 I decided I wanted to make What Katy Did Next music again after 13 years. I bought some equipment and started doing stuff again. These are the first results. I compiled a cd and sent it to Mr. Rudeforth and he put it up there on the alien inter-web.
  1. MDF
  2. Solar Git
  3. Wong Oob
  4. Son Of MDF
  5. Fighting Banjos
  6. Vertus

1 comment:

  1. Howdy! You know, just when I thought everything was going smoothly too, i've ended up with various uploading difficulties too.. the internet keeps changing it's HTML, and or flash, etc etc... i have really been trying to AVOID the whole upgrade treadmill.. i might be totally off, but thiis could be it..
    Oh...p.s. i havent said it b4, but frankly, i really like yer acoustic stuff... it's almost like (good) therapy, listening to it, after too much of my loud cr#p ;-)
    Cheers!! Doc...