Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Poor H'ard. No not really. It's not knowing the words not knowing what to say that he probably would have liked the anarchistic elements and attitude behind it all. Enjoy your further adventures H with it all now all of it and you are all of it too. We just found out not so long ago that you had to go but you had already went. Out in there. In out of there. Of out in there. In there of out. There of in out. There of out in. The music stopped, the lights stopped, everything stopped for you. And you were stopped before it just before my birthday. Well now sparkling with it as well off on it. Off o0ut on it all. We'll Never finish painting the Blue Kitchen.


  1. hi rev.!
    is your birthday (?)

  2. sorry if I do not understand sometimes
    google's translator is confused
    greetings rev.!

  3. oh sorry ...
    Life is like that, maybe next year your birthday
    is in better spirits.

    greetings from buenos aires, argentina.