Saturday, 4 December 2010

Dropped A Clanger

I was really pissed off about Nick leaving because that line-up acheived the most success we had ever had and I felt there was a lot of potential there but once I got over it I just carried on as I always did. It turned out that in the grand scheme of things What Katy Did Next went up to a completely different level. I'm not sure what happened in the time between the last recording and this but something obviously did. This line-up created some of the best stuff in the history of WKDN. For a few months Trev and I swapped between bass and guitar on a couple of tunes and this added yet another dimension to things. I played bass on Long Time Gone. Recorded on 21.4.90.

Paul Moller - guitar, bass, vocal
Trev Simpson - bass, guitar
Mr Rudeforth - tapes
Grant Ardis - drums
  1. Long Time Gone
  2. Driving Me Crazy
  3. Dropped A Clanger
  4. Mares' Lemon II
  5. Do It Again

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