Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Heavy Petting

Mean To Me was improvised out of thin air, well the air must have been pretty thick for it to come out but it did. Trevs' Dad was doing some work outside and he needed to come in to get water but we told him that if we were playing that he must not interrupt us. He waited until the last note of Mean To Me had only just died down and came rushing in and was not best pleased so thanks to him after all these years that he waited. Recorded on 7.8.90. Trev and I did not swap guitar and bass on this rehearsal so this is pure for sure. Mr. Rudeforth used a lot of stuff by the evangelist Billy Graham, we thought of it as turning the shit around and throwing it back in their faces. Mr. R. was asked at least once if we were a Christian band though, ha ha.

Paul Moller - amplified acoustic guitar, vocals
Mr. Rudeforth - tapes
Trev Simpson - bass
Grant Ardis - drums
  1. Mean To Me
  2. Heavy Petting
  3. Squeeky Chair
  4. An Empty Bottle
  5. Billowing Gut

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