Sunday, 11 January 2009

1983 continued...

Chris left Hull and Johnny got sick of the gas cannisters, we got to know Terry Parkinson and started jamming with Mark on bass, me on guitar and Terry on drums in the little room. Johnny came back playing radio, Mr. Rudeforth joined and we played a gig at Wellington Lane Community Centre on 3.9.83. Mr. R. switched to radio and Ian Butler joined on percussion. Ian was a friend of Terry's. Our first introduction to him was when some of us were tripping on acid and he came to visit Terry but Terry wasn't in, hearing Captain Beefheart playing Ian went round to the back flat which was mine. The window was open and he was tripping too so he climbed in shouting "Ooobie doobie man, oobie doobie man!" He was in, literally. He had been a merchant seaman and had some great tales of jumping ship and spending a year in Australia and the smell approaching the African continent which he would tell 'in yer face' replete with enormous sniffing sounds so you could virtually smell it too. Now a sextet - the Mato Chup Experience was born. We made a video in the little room, the video is gone but the soundtrack will be coming shortly as it's the only recording of the sextet left.

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