Sunday, 11 January 2009

This was taped in the small room above my Dads' shop in George Street, Hull in early 1983. Mark and I were really thrilled when Chris came along and started to play bass with us, he fitted right in straight away like a comfy old... improviser, willing to and understanding how to play this crazy shit. It helped us realise that we weren't totally crackers or if we were then it was three basket cases not two. Safety in numbers. Another band rehearsed there called Nyam Nyam and we used to use their drum kit and do mad funk stuff but unfortunately the tapes of those sessions are no longer with us.

The tracks are...

1. Make Her Rainbows.

2. Has Anybody Any Idea Where It Came From.

The line - up is...

Mark Fell - Trumpet, Whistle, Clarina, Wobble-Board.

Paul Moller - Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Clarina.

Chris Hunter - Bass.

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