Monday, 16 February 2009

I fell out with Gary really badly because he was taking the piss basically and it nearly ended in violence but I just managed to restrain myself. We had a meeting at the end of 1992, at one point he had the cheek to say "but I'm doing it all for you" and I nearly punched him. So we started 1993 as a trio of Paul Moller, Trevor Simpson and Mr. Rudeforth. I told Gary that we would be using the studio and equipment to pay back all the time that he owed me. We went in every weekend when he was at his club gig and did some stuff and a couple of gigs but in the end he tried to make it difficult and we made a clean break, taking the master tapes and our gear with us. By July it was all over, I can't remember exactly why but I think we just got fed up with it all. So that was the end of What Katy Did Next, again...

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