Thursday, 23 July 2009

Its Frank Zappa

This was recorded on 26.4.88. The drum machine is used on this and although it was a cheap, primitive one and had a very cheesy sound it is quite interesting to hear us trying to do something with it in this context. I have put it on Internet Archive in two parts cos there were too many files to upload in one go. If anyone wants to put it on cd just download both parts and burn as disc-at-once. At this rehearsal we were - Paul Moller - guitar,vocals, Trevor Simpson - guitar, Mr Rudeforth - tapes, radio, plus the drum machine. I can't remember what make or model it was. The bit where the drum machine was chunterring away and then some percussion stuff comes on the radio led me to exclaim - "It's Frank Zappa!"
  1. Mystery Train
  2. Blues Bit
  3. Screaming And Crying The Blues
  4. Its Frank Zappa
  5. Lonesome Whistle
  6. Hip Hop Radio
  7. Me And My Chuffer With Bells On
  8. Sellotape And The Mic
  9. Squid Laffers
  10. Dead Flowers
  11. Radio Donkey
  12. Long Slow Hell Hound
  13. Belching Beckett
  14. Driving Me Crazy


  1. Hi, Doc :)
    I can give you some more Fugs links, if you fancy them

  2. "Why did it hurt when he pee'd ?"