Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Little Vermifuge

Get on board the boozy blues train with Katy and groove to the crazed tinkling maniac breath. Smoking on the one. One of Trevors neighbours was complaining to another neighbour one day about our music. "It's rubbish," she said, "it just goes - ner, ner,ner,ner,ner!" This is from 19.4.88 and where the Bananarama bit came from I will never know. For some reason the track breaks on this have gone ga-ga but it should just play as one long piece if you ignore the seemingly arbitrary divisions.
Moller, Simpson, Rudeforth, Burroughs.
  1. Bobs Blues
  2. Driving Me Crazy
  3. Na Na Nah Nah Na Na
  4. Long Time Gone
  5. Tinkling Maniac Breath
  6. You What, Talk About Stupid
  7. The Little Vermifuge
  8. Beckett Play Bit
  9. Me And My Chuffer
  10. Bit Of King Al


  1. Hey Rev. Sup? I saw you over on Heff's place a minute ago AND now, while I am purloining me some good Potliquor over at velhorockeiro's excellent blog I see you are a follower. I might have to check out your music. That name reminds me of something I would have heard Gary Crowley once speak.

  2. ere captain dont you mean 19 april?