Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Warm Beer And Cold Women

Gary had a very cheap, basic drum machine which he let us use when he was late or didn't turn up. The problem was that once we started playing we couldn't hear it very well so the timing could vary wildly, we persevered with it for a few weeks before we sent it off down the tracks to join Lonesome Whistle. The stereo separation on these tapes is pretty good and if anyone is interested my guitar is on the same channel as my vocals. This was recorded on 12.4.88.
  1. Mouth 1
  2. Mystery train
  3. Death Of MF
  4. Mouth 2
  5. Death Of MF
  6. Me And My Chuffing Schoolgirl
  7. Improvisation
  8. Mouth 3
  9. Bollocks
  10. Opera Gary


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