Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Slum Pig

Recorded on 12.2.89. My criteria for choosing what to select and what to reject from these rehearsals are as follows. You will find multiple versions of the same songs on this blog but if it is a good version or there is something different about it I have used it. There are numerous improvisations on the tapes and if I like one and it works I have used it. I have started giving them titles rather than just putting 'improvisation'. If there was any talking or craziness that added to the atmosphere of a particular seesion I have included that too. Slum Pig could have been worked up into a song, it still might be one day, who knows.

  1. The Road Is Rocky
  2. Past Aural Sympathy
  3. Slum Pig
  4. Me And My Chauffeur
  5. Backwards In Front

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