Saturday, 14 August 2010

The End Of The Tether

These two rehearsals were recorded on 5/7.2.89.
We broke a lot of guitar strings on the acoustics because we were playing so intensely.
Gary didn't know what the date was or when or whether his album session with 'The Northern Legend' was happening.
He didn't make it to the rehearsal on Tues the 7th. That wasn't unusual.
Gary was getting near The End Of His Tether. The feeling was getting to be mutual.
There was belching on both nights.
C'mon Honey, Ride My Pony.

  1. This Ambulace (Part)
  2. Borborygmos
  3. Broken String Symphony
  4. Old Teacakes
  5. The End Of The Tether
  6. Poor Boys Dead And Gone
  7. Slurping And Belching
  8. Ride My Pony.

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