Saturday, 14 August 2010

Anal Perversions Of The DonkeyMan.

This was recorded on 31.1.89. It was a Sunday Afternoon and we had a copy of the Sunday Sport 'newspaper'. I say it in inverted commas because there was no actual news in it. It was full of bizarre stories purporting to be true when most of them were obviously made-up. It was also full of adverts for sex chat-lines. All the crazy stuff and filth that we were reading out came from there but I might have made Anal Perversions Of The DonkeyMan up. There was a lot of improvised music as well and Gary sang a lot on this which was unusual. The Donkey stuff just came out of the blue and we went with it. As I mentioned in the previous post things were really starting to come together musically as a group. As I was remastering this tape I put echo on a lot of it because it added to the atmosphere of it all.

Paul Moller- guitar, vocals, readings
Trevor Simpson - guitar, readings
Mr Rudeforth - tapes, radio, funny joke, laffing
Gary Burroughs - snare drum, vocals, readings
  1. Come On
  2. Microwave Joke
  3. Don't Brown My Meat
  4. Where's Your Donkey Gone
  5. The Twitchers
  6. Hard Heart To Break
  7. Pert
  8. The Mare's Lemon
  9. Lot's Of Things
  10. Don't You Whip My Donkey
  11. Anal Perversions Of The DonkeyMan

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