Saturday, 7 August 2010

False Teeth, A Bald Head, Glasses...

This was recorded on 17.1.89. Things were starting to get good in terms of getting somewhere with the music as a group. I don't mean commercially, we had only done two gigs and not many people even knew of our existence, we were very underground. We had been playing with this line-up for a year and it was starting to come together in terms of as a group getting to grips with what we were doing musically. We were starting to play with the music and not just play it. It is an exciting time in the development of a group.
The Bit On The Bike involved a piece of equipment which had Trevs' bike mounted on rollers as an excercise device, Gary got on the bike and started giving it rock and we commented.
There were some old blokes who used to drink in our local and they were really funny. We were in there boozing one day and one of them came up to us on his way back from the toilet. He Said - "False Teeth, A Bald Head, Glasses and A Soft Cock." "Old Age lads." "Fully Stiff With An Inch Of Slack In The Middle." Then he walked off.
Once Mr. Rudeforth and I were decorating for someone and were stood outside having a break, an old man was shuffling down the street, as he got to the gate he stopped. He turned to us and said "Women! They Want Hanging!". Then he shuffled off. You never forget things like that.

  1. False Teeth
  2. This Ambulance
  3. Bit On't Bike
  4. Long Time Gone
  5. Bald Head

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