Wednesday, 1 September 2010

How Not To Yodel

This was recorded on 26.7.89. After doing the Beautiful South tour as a trio we were joined by Grant Ardis on drums and Nick Hogg on bass, Dave Smelt moved on to guitar and vocals. This was the first time we had all played together as a group, what a yodelling good start.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocals
Dave Smelt - guitar, vocals
Trevor Simpson - guitar, harmonica
Mr Rudeforth - tapes
Nick Hogg - electrified double bass, vocals
Grant Ardis - drums.

  1. Do The Rumpty Dumpty
  2. Golden Shot
  3. Good God Almighty
  4. The Little D
  5. Rock Me Baby
  6. Nearly Got It Then
  7. Turn On Who Do You Lovelight
  8. She Taught Me How Not To Yodel
  9. Unwilling

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