Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hoodoo Lovelight

This was recorded on 30.7.89. It was only the second time we had played together and we were feelng our way into things but it came together very quickly. Unfortunately it didn't work out with Dave but this, however, is a very fine example of a line-up that could have gone on to do some great stuff.

Paul Moller - guitar, vocals
Dave Smelt - guitar, vocals
Trevor Simpson - guitar, harmonica
Mr Rudeforth - tapes, curtains
Nick Hogg - double bass, vocals
Grant Ardis - drums

  1. Bring Jeromes' Brown Meat
  2. Turn On Hoodoo Lovelight
  3. Unwound
  4. Shaken
  5. Sin City
  6. Drawing The Curtains Again
  7. So We Still Have To Explain This

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  1. HI there... I need some help with identifying tracks on another uncirculated HC tape... please get in touch with me